Businesses can have their data hacked through phishing, malware, or social media.

These threats can come from a variety of sources and it’s important to have a firm like HLB that is aware of the risks that are out there and can help your business better navigate the cyber security landscape.

defining cyber

Cyber security is a big concern for many people. With the increasing numbers of cyber attacks and breaches happening every day, it’s understandable why people are so worried. Cyber security is not just about protecting your company or your personal data from hackers; it also protects you from identity theft, fraud, and other crimes that can occur online.

Types of Security

HLB recognizes that all layers of cyber security including Application Security, Network Security, and Cloud Security  are essential components of building a product that works. It’s important for your customers, your business and your bottom line.

Types of Threats

Cybercriminals are using the internet and its many different channels to access your business. There's a lot of ways they can do this, but they generally try to get into your system through malicious softwares including ransomware, spyware, and malware.

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